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Use horn chips as fertilizer - application of nitrogen fertilizer in detail

Use horn chips as fertilizer - application of nitrogen fertilizer in detail

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Horn meal, horn shavings, horn grist - what is all this and how is it used? We will explain it to you in more detail in this article.

Horn chips are a good nitrogen fertilizer

A horn fertilizer is considered to be universally usable, organic nitrogen fertilizer in the gardens with a natural long-term effect. Its duration of action is on average at least one to two weeks, sometimes even several months. For the production of all horn fertilizers primarily crushed horn of slaughter animals such as e.g. the hooves and / or horns of cattle. Horn fertilizers, contrary to all plastic fertilizers, therefore belong to the purely natural nitrogen fertilizers and are even used by organic farmers (insofar as it is an organic horn fertilizer). The advantage of this fertilizer can be clearly described in that overdosing is practically impossible.


You can also add horn shavings to the compost. On the one hand, this accelerates the rotting process, on the other hand it also increases the nutrient content in the compost.

Horn meal and horn shavings in comparison

➤ Horn meal:

The horns of the cattle are ground extremely finely to produce horn meal (grain size approx. 1 millimeter). This has the advantage that the fine horn meal spread on the beds is absorbed by the soil far more quickly and can therefore also develop its effect more quickly.

➤ Horn shavings:

The somewhat coarser form of horn meal is represented by the horn shavings or the horn meal (grain size approx. 5 millimeters). Here, the horns are not finely ground, but rather crushed (chopped). The chips cannot spread their effect as quickly as the horn meal, but the fertilizing effect then lasts much longer. Therefore, it is best to always use horn shavings instead of horn meal.

Use of the horn shavings as fertilizer

You can use horn fertilizer all year round in the garden, but it is best to apply this fertilizer directly before sowing or before planting, or incorporate it into the soil. Ideally, the floor should be slightly damp.

➥ Application before sowing:

Simply eject the horn shavings loosely, but distribute the horn meal finely on the surface of the earth with a shovel. Then the fertilizer e.g. Work gently into the ground with a rake or rake.

➥ Use before planting a plant:

For this purpose, you should dig out the planting hole as usual and fill in the horn fertilizer directly there. Then water the planting hole with the fertilizer and insert the respective plants in it, fill up with soil and start.