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Terrace lighting: 5 ideas for atmospheric moments

Terrace lighting: 5 ideas for atmospheric moments

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With the right patio lighting, you can create a stylish atmosphere. We present 5 ideas here.

Come home in the evening after a hard day's work, put your legs up and end the wonderful summer day on the terrace - simply relaxing. Even at the weekend, most enjoy the summerly warm temperatures on the balcony or terrace.

As soon as it gets dark, however, most crawl back inside. In the dark, it finally becomes somehow uncomfortable. With atmospheric terrace lighting, you can significantly extend your evening hours on the terrace and also create a very special flair. We have once presented you with 5 ideas that create a cozy atmosphere.

5 ideas for idyllic terrace lighting

There are various ways to transform your terrace into a cozy atmosphere. Of course, your own taste is at the top. Whether ceiling or wall spotlights, recessed lights or fairy lights, you are spoiled for choice.

In the search for interesting lighting ideas, I found what I was looking for in the online shop. Here you get everything your heart desires - the various lights and the right accessories for the narrow coin.

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But here are the different ideas:

➤ Idea 1 - create basic lighting

When dining or playing games with friends, a small spot somewhere in the far corner is not enough to optimally illuminate the table.

The basic lighting is very important when planning the terrace lighting. In most cases, these are wall lights. These are permanently installed and generate enough light for eating and playing.

➤ Idea 2 - LED recessed lights in the floor

When the basic lighting is set, it is now time to set accents. You set small highlights with LED recessed lights in a very targeted manner. These are available in different sizes and illuminant colors. You can install built-in lights on the terrace stairs to avoid tripping hazards, but the small spots on the outer edge of the terrace also ensure comfort.

➤ Use idea 3 - spotlights

Spotlights can be used to illuminate certain areas in a targeted manner. You can not only use these in the garden or at the pond, but also on the terrace. For example, you can perfectly stage the flower boxes or certain decorative items on your terrace and create a cozy atmosphere.

" Tip: When setting up the spots, you should make sure that you only illuminate the objects from behind or from the side with a view from the terrace. Otherwise it will be too light on the terrace.

➤ Idea 4 - Moonlights for a cozy atmosphere

Instead of a flower pot, in which the flowers have not looked beautiful for a long time, you can also place moonlights on your terrace. Thanks to the dim light, these provide optimal moments of wellbeing. In the meantime they are available in different shapes and colors, so that everyone should find their centerpiece. However, please note that sometimes less is simply more.

»Reading tip: Lighting for the garden - setting accents with Moonlights

➤ Idea 5 - fairy lights and garlands for garden parties

The colorful garlands and fairy lights were popular with summer parties and birthday parties with young and old. Even today you can use it to provide enough brightness and mood.

Nowadays the range of fairy lights has grown a lot. They are available in different colors and designs, so that they also have a decorative benefit.

Keep an eye on power consumption

The more bulbs you put on your terrace, the higher your electricity consumption will be. Here it is advisable to carry out an electricity price comparison once a year. If you change providers, you can quickly save over 100 euros a year. The comparison is quick and easy, for example at

" Tip: LEDs are preferable to other lamps because of their durability and low power consumption. However, you can get even cheaper with solar lamps. Here you also have a large selection of products, many of which can be placed on the terrace in a decorative and useful manner. Also very interesting: garden lighting without electricity - 4 clever ideas for your garden oasis