Planting a balcony with flowers - creative planting ideas and easy-care flowers are presented

Planting a balcony with flowers - creative planting ideas and easy-care flowers are presented

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Is your balcony gray, completely empty and uninviting? Then get creative! We will show you how you can turn it into a real flower oasis.

Flowers always belong on a balcony

Not everyone can own a garden. Therefore it is all the more important that at least in the apartment and on the balcony beautiful flowers find their place. But especially on the balcony, many are lacking ideas on how to plant them properly. After all, not all plants are suitable for the balcony. (Reading tip: plant vegetables on the balcony - 9 types of vegetables presented for beginners)

And many are also lacking ideas for arranging the plants. After all, there are far more options than simply planting the flowers in the balcony box. For everyone who needs a little inspiration or help with this and with plant selection, here are a few easy-care flower types and creative ideas for arranging the plants.

Ideas for planting flowers on the balcony

➤ Tip 1 - plant flowers in hanging pots:

Flower boxes are not for everyone. If you like it a bit airier, you should rather use balcony hanging pots (available here, for example). These are flower pots with a hook, making them easy to attach to the balcony railing. These are available in stores in a wide variety of sizes and colors, so there should really be something here for every taste.

➤ Tip 2 - Place container plants on the balcony:

Container plants vary in size and can therefore be placed on any balcony. So e.g. also the angel's trumpet, which prefers a shady spot. On the other hand, you can create a summer feeling on your balcony if you place palm trees there. As an insider tip for a south-facing balcony, we can also give you the banana tree.

➤ Tip 3 - plant hanging flowers:

Of course you can also use hanging flowers on your balcony. If you plant them in hanging pots or in the flower boxes, you will also have good privacy on the balcony. Hanging plants such as silver rain, Gundermann or hanging geraniums are particularly recommended for the balcony.

➤ Tip 4 - plant climbing flowers in a container:

Even climbing plants always look very beautiful on a balcony. However, you should then attach a trellis to one of the balcony walls to offer the plants an optimal growth opportunity. Particularly well suited for this are the clematis that bloom beautifully over a long season, grapes (including fruit harvest in late summer) and climbing roses that are best planted in tubs.

➤ Tip 5 - Set up the plant shelf / flower stairs:

If you want to accommodate as many plants as possible on your balcony, then you should simply set up a plant shelf or a flower staircase (great model variant here). As the name suggests, it is a shelf that offers a lot of space for balcony plants. The staggered arrangement of the shelves also gives all plants optimal light.

Easy-care flowers for balcony planting

If you do not want to rely on climbing or hanging flowers, we have put together an overview of relatively easy-care flowers that also thrive on a balcony.

Flower:suitable for:Notes on the plant:
BegoniasWest or east balconyWater moderately, fertilize regularly
geraniumsSouth-west and east balconypossibly combine with hanging geraniums, not hardy
fuchsiasSouth-west or south-east balconyPrefer hardy varieties
petuniasSouth balconycleaning regularly, are also suitable for accommodation in hanging lights
verbenaSouth balconyAvoid waterlogging
Double bellflowerEast BalconyCut off any faded fruit regularly
Busy Lizziepenumbranot hardy
marigoldSouth balconynot hardy
Mittagsgoldsunny balconysilver leaf shape and yellow flowers are a great contrast to each other

Important for balcony plants: irrigation

Balcony plants usually always need a lot of water and regularly so that they do not die. Therefore, you should water the flowers every day in the morning and / or evening. Most plants don't like waterlogging, so you should pour out overflowing water right away. You can save yourself this work if you pay attention to an existing drainage system (e.g. double-walled plastic housing) when buying balcony flower boxes. However, if it rains directly on the balcony plants, you can of course avoid watering on such days.