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Which lawnmower is suitable for which lawn?

Which lawnmower is suitable for which lawn?

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With a spindle, graver or a lawn robot? Which lawn mower is best for my lawn? This overview helps.

Everyone who owns a garden has a lot to do. After all, the garden should look neat and look good. A lawn can be found on almost every garden plot. Whether as a small area or on a large scale, only the right treatment makes the lawn beautiful. It is therefore no wonder that a lawn culture is spoken of as an independent term.

This is made clear not least by the fact that a distinction is made between the most varied types of lawn. The University of Hohenheim differentiates between the landscape turf, the utility turf, the hard-wearing turf, the decorative turf and the deep-cut turf. In the home garden, the decorative lawn should be found accordingly. In order for the lawn to remain attractive, it must first be mowed regularly. Apart from the smallest areas that can be maneuvered with a hand lawn mower, electric or petrol-operated lawn mowers are indispensable for this work. However, not every device is suitable for every lawn. An important aspect for the choice of the device is primarily the size of the area to be processed.

Small to medium-sized lawnsReel mowers, reel mowers, hover mowers, robotic lawnmowers

If it is a manageable area of ​​lawn, there are various options for possible lawn mower models and systems, which can be selected according to individual preferences. Numerous options can be found at with the various providers. The most common are the following models:

➤ Rotary mower

The most well-known type of lawnmower has rotating and horizontally arranged knives on the underside, which basically chop off the blades of grass with rapid movements. Most models have a basket on the back of the device, which finally catches the blades of grass, so that no additional work is required, but the contents of the full container can be easily disposed of. Different types can also be found within this type of lawnmower, which differ, for example, due to different cutting widths. The smaller and more angular the lawn, the smaller the corresponding cutting width should be.

➤ Cylinder mower

The cylinder mower differs from the classic graver model in that the blades of grass are not chopped off like a scythe, but are cut off using the scissors principle. This type of mowing is considered to be particularly accurate and clean, so that a uniform cutting height can be achieved.

Special shapes:

➤ Hover mower

Similar to the rotary mower, knives that chop the blades of grass rotate below the device. However, a fan creates a steady airflow that makes the device float. This has the advantage of very easy handling. Furthermore, this form of mower is also considered flexible, which means that it can also be used on uneven surfaces.

➤ Robot lawn mower

Independent robotic lawnmowers that work the lawn without human hands have not been on the market too long, but are already extremely popular. The mode of operation corresponds to that of the prick or mulch mower. The device also has sensors that make independent mowing possible. However, the lawn must be prepared beforehand, usually by laying power cables. You can find more information about current models and test reports on the following page.

In addition, you can also choose between a hand lawn mower, electric lawn mower, petrol lawn mower or a cordless lawn mower.

Large lawns - ride-on mowers

A ride-on mower or lawn tractor is suitable for really large areas, so that work can be done in a very short time. In addition, the hobby or professional gardener has the opportunity to do the work while sitting. Ride-on mowers or lawn tractors have a powerful motor, although different shapes and systems can also be distinguished here.

  • So is customary from one lawn tractor spoken when the device, like a tractor, has a front engine.
  • On the other hand, the engine is on the rear of the mower Riding mower be the talk.

Furthermore, different types of transmission such as rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive can be distinguished, diesel or gasoline vehicles and others. The choice ultimately depends on the budget and the frequency of use. For example, a tractor with automatic gearshift is easier to operate, but it also costs more than a device with a manual gearbox.

➤ The purpose determines the price

Overall, depending on the size and design of the garden, the user decides which garden helpers are ultimately practical and useful for him. In addition, the price of the purchase, as mentioned, plays a decisive role in relation to the intended use. A price comparison before buying is therefore always worthwhile and helps to save money. Offers from various device manufacturers can be compared at The portal also points out that the large ride-on mowers or lawn tractors mentioned above are not suitable for small gardens or lawns, especially with regard to noise and environmental pollution caused by large petrol or diesel devices.