Buying a hand sweeper - you should pay attention to this before buying

Buying a hand sweeper - you should pay attention to this before buying

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When autumn arrives, it starts again: leaves have to be raked. If you want to make this work a little easier, you can rely on a manual sweeper.

The annoying sweeping is eliminated with a hand sweeper

Especially in larger gardens, it can quickly become tedious to sweep paths, the terrace, balconies and the courtyard entrance with a broom by hand. It is precisely this problem that some manufacturers of garden tools have recognized and developed so-called hand sweepers, which can be used to make gardening, which is actually quite exhausting, almost pleasant. In principle, it is the same as a lawn sweeper. Just that a lawn sweeper is designed for sweeping the lawn and a hand sweeper for sweeping paths.

But as is always the case, there are of course many different models to buy under the category hand sweeper. Nevertheless, there are some basic tips that you should consider when buying such a device and that apply to all hand sweepers.

Tips for buying a hand sweeper

➤ Tip 1 - material selection:

Thanks to the wide range of models available in specialist shops today, you can now rely on a sweeper that is always optimally suited to your needs. It is only important that you prefer plastic devices because they are easy to clean after work. In addition, high-quality plastic and perfect material processing ensure that even moisture, heat and a slight stone chip cannot harm the devices.

➤ Tip 2 - Working width:

The main distinction between sweepers is the working width of the individual devices, which average between 50 and 80 centimeters. The size of the associated collecting container (dirt container) usually depends on this. Which working width you ultimately choose, you have to make dependent on the size of your garden paths. Because they can only be swept easily and quickly with the right width.

➤ Tip 3 - adjustable work bar:

Sweeping can also be done more comfortably if you pay attention to important technical details when purchasing a sweeper. These include, among other things, a work bracket that can be adjusted several times in inclination and height, which you can adapt perfectly to your body size (ensures back-friendly work).

➤ Tip 4 - Sweeper weight:

But the weight of the sweeper should also play a role when shopping. After all, it can happen that you have to lift the device (e.g. when cleaning sidewalks). It is therefore best to look for devices that weigh between 10 and 15 kilograms.

➤ Tip 5 - Handling:

Furthermore, you should attach importance to easy handling of the device, for which purpose e.g. emptying and then reinserting the collecting container. But also that corner and edge areas can be swept with the sweeper without any problems, which can be guaranteed, for example, by professional swivel castors.

So it's best to try out different sweepers. Even when cornering, they should still deliver a clean sweeping result and, of course, hardly stir up any dust, which ensures a well-sealed sweeper.

➤ Tip 6 - Achievement:

With a hand sweeper, sweeping can be done about five to eight times faster than with a conventional broom. The work is not only finished faster, it is also easier on the body and with an absolute fun effect. To ensure this, keep an eye out for sweepers that can clean over 1000 square meters per hour.

➤ Tip 7 - Adaptation to different soil conditions:

Another important aspect when buying a sweeper is that the respective device can be adapted to different soil conditions. The device should therefore have no problems cleaning both paved paths and sweeping on paving stones and wooden floorboards. So you can also use the device in closed areas such as use in garages, small halls and the like for sweeping.