Cleaning the charcoal grill - explained step by step

Cleaning the charcoal grill - explained step by step

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The garden party is over, dishes and decorations are cleared away and now only one thing is missing: the grill. Because only those who clean it after every barbecue will enjoy it for a long time.

soiled grillage

No matter whether summer or winter - a garden party can be celebrated in every season. Either in shorts and top or with a bobble hat and gloves. It is only important that you prepare everything correctly so that you and your guests are well (reading tips: garden party in winter - How to make your garden suitable for parties! And tips for a garden party in spring). This not only means that you create a cozy ambience, but also that you take good care of your guests' physical well-being. And since we are talking about a garden party, it is of course clear that the grill should be used.

This is really great, just would not always be annoying cleaning after grilling. After all, fat and meat residues burn themselves into the charcoal grill and make it not only unsightly, but also unsanitary. After all, who would like to have meat scraps from the last barbecue party stuck to their bratwurst the next time they grill? So after every barbecue it is time to swing the boulettes and the cleaning rags. With this alone you will certainly not get very far. After all, cleaning a charcoal grill takes a bit more work.

So the charcoal grill is sparkling clean again

➥ Step 1 - Clean the grillage:

First of all, you should get to grips with the grillage and clean it thoroughly. After all, this is the most time-consuming task. There are several ways to get this thoroughly clean again. You can use the grill e.g.

  • Let it burn out and then remove the soot with a wire brush
  • put in the dishwasher
  • wrap in damp newspaper and clean after a few hours with a sponge and detergent
  • Rub in with sodium paste (100 gr sodium bicarbonate + 100 ml water), let dry and then wipe with a damp cloth
  • clean with oven cleaner (e.g. from Sidol - take a closer look at or special grill grate cleaner (e.g. from Weber - take a closer look at

You can save yourself long scrubbing if you rub the grill with oil or grease before every grill, because then there will not be as much residue on the grill grate.

➥ Step 2 - remove ashes:

Now it goes to the inside of the grill. It is important that you remove the ashes from the kettle after each grill, as this attracts moisture. The high humidity inside can then lead to rust formation. By removing the ash, you won't have any problems with air circulation the next time you grill.

After grilling, wait for the ashes to cool down. Then take a small shovel and possibly a hand brush and remove the ashes. However, it is much easier and faster if you use an ash vacuum.

➥ Step 3 - Clean grill outside and inside:

To bring the grill back to a shine, simply add a little washing-up liquid to lukewarm water and wipe the outside and inside of the lid and kettle with a sponge or dishcloth. The charcoal grill should shine like new again.

Important: Never use steel wool, brushes or other hard cleaning objects for cleaning the inside and outside, as these can quickly scratch the enamel. Not only does it look unattractive, these scratched spots usually also start to rust first.

4 Step 4 - Store the grill properly:

So that the charcoal grill stays nice and clean until the next garden party, it is important that you properly store or store it. So it's best to put a cover over the cooled grill. So it not only stays clean, it is also well protected from all weather conditions.

If possible, it is best to place the grill somewhere under it, so that it is protected from wind and rain. A good storage location could e.g. the carport, the garage, the garden shed or the covered terrace.

There is another thing to consider

If you want to have something from your charcoal grill for a long time, you should not only clean it after every barbecue, but also take care of it. It is important, for example, that you treat all the wooden components of your grill with wood oil once a year. This effectively prevents cracks from forming. Furthermore, it is also recommended to put some oil on the screws and cogs once a year.