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Video: grow garlic yourself - it's that easy

Video: grow garlic yourself - it's that easy

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Garlic - either you like it or you don't like it. There is rarely anything in between. But if you are a fan of the little tuber, you actually season all the dishes with it.

If you like garlic so much, then of course you want to have it in your own garden. What speaks against it? Growing garlic is not as difficult as many think. In this, Severin really explains in detail what is important for the cultivation and especially when the right time is. Because if you plant too early or too late, you have to count on puny little plants. Who wants that?

Have fun watching!

Did you know?

Garlic is not only a delicious spice in the kitchen, it also has a healing effect. It disinfects the intestine and has anti-cancer properties. This has now been proven in a number of studies (more on this here).