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Build a bench from Euro pallets yourself - video instructions

Build a bench from Euro pallets yourself - video instructions

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Pallet furniture is very popular. The ideas of what you can do with pallets go beyond furniture, lounge sets, even raised beds and swings. Just amazing how creative some are.

I also really like this furniture made of Euro pallets, but I have not yet dared to make my own. But that should change now. But I really wanted to start with something easy and I came across this bench in Ms. Audiske's video. If I want anything, then the whole thing can no longer be put on the long track. So got the pallets and then it started. I was really amazed at how quick and easy it is. Why did I just wait so long?

A bench always fits in a garden and also offers optimal seating. If you haven't dared so far, for fear that it could be too difficult, watch the video. It works wonderfully.

Where do I get Euro pallets from?

Euro pallets are like sand by the sea. Many construction yards are hoarding the pallets to the heights, and many pallets can also be seen in agriculture. Just have a look around the area, there is bound to be something. For a pallet you have to pay about 10 euros (deposit). But some are so nice and give them away. If there is nothing to be found in the area, you can always find them on ebay classifieds.