Gargoyles - decoration for the garden

Gargoyles - decoration for the garden

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Gargoyles are a real eye-catcher

Have you ever heard of Gargoyles? If you have a garden, these mythical creatures will have run into you. They are often found at fountains as stone figureswho spew water. Gargoyles are a nice one Decoration for the garden.

Dragons, devils and demons
The cult has grown tremendously in recent years. Such a small stone figure looks dangerous at first glance. Dragons, devils and other demons are embodied here. Nevertheless, you simply have to like them, because they are a great thing as a decorative object in the garden. Curious looks are guaranteed.

Gargoyles protect the garden and people
And the gargoyles have another advantage. Because they have a tradition of driving demons out of the garden and protecting people. And so it also becomes clear why these little figures look so dangerous. They hold up a kind of mirror to the creatures from the underworld in order to drive them away again. A nice custom and pretty figures in small and large that look great in any garden.


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