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Refine fruit trees

Refine fruit trees

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Fruit trees are best grafted in spring

fruit trees you don't just have to maintain and trimming, but you have to have the trees too ennobleso that they bear enough fruit. However, this work takes a certain amount of time.

Grafting fruit trees in spring
Generally, when refining, you put two parts of different plants together so that they grow together into one plant forever. Most fruit trees are best grafted in spring.

Cut back the crown
To do this, cut the crown of the tree back slightly. However, the thickness of the cut branches must not exceed 10 to 15 centimeters. The added branches for finishing are best chosen from very fertile and healthy trees. Annual and well-matured plants are best suited for this. In addition, you should refine the shoots on the mother tree that face south.

The best time to cut the noble rice is December or January. This is then stuck in soil over the winter and can be used in spring to refine the other tree.