Create a new lawn, but when?

Create a new lawn, but when?

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It is best to sow new lawn in late summer

If the lawn has suffered a lot in different areas, it is often necessary to completely rebuild it in the damaged areas. The question that hobby gardeners keep asking themselves is when to do it race New invest got to?

Create the lawn again in late summer
Late summer is ideal for laying out the lawn. Here, on the one hand, the sun can let its intense warming rays work so that the growth works quickly, on the other hand, the risk of the new lawn drying out too quickly in late summer is very low.

The grasses grow very quickly in this season and bushy and robust plants have already developed by winter, which can easily survive the cold season.

It is also important for the new plant that, especially in late summer, the weeds grow more sparsely and the growth of the young lawn plants is far less impaired than is the case in spring when everything - including the weeds - sprouts quickly and intensively and thrives.