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Tips for the ideal garden floor

Tips for the ideal garden floor

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Fertilize the soil from time to time

In order for plants to thrive in the garden, you need a good one garden soil, This must be fertile and well ventilated. The composition plays a major role here.

Mineral and organic components are important
With a good garden soil, the roots are given an appropriate hold and they also receive nutrients. The ideal composition is made up of mineral and organic components. These components promote soil life and it becomes increasingly permeable.

Protect underbody with bark mulch
The subsoil is less busy and has a rather low humus content. However, it needs appropriate protection, otherwise it is exposed to environmental influences. Protection can be given by bark mulch.

It prevents the soil from drying out from the sun. The protective bark mulch prevents temperature fluctuations in the soil and ensures that the moisture supply remains the same.

Living things in the soil loosen the soil
Since you have a constant climate in the soil with a mulch carpet, soil organisms also settle there. Through their movement, they have a loose floor throughout. This is the most important basis for a good and healthy growth of your plants.

Don't forget to fertilize
In order to bring sick soil back to life, it is recommended to fertilize every now and then. In this way you feed the missing nutrients to the garden floor and improve its structure.