Set up garden gnomes - yes or no?

Set up garden gnomes - yes or no?

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The tastes are also different in the gardens. One loves garden gnomes, another hates the little figures. Nobody has to Set up garden gnomesif he doesn't want to. But what does it look like when the neighbor puts these dwarfs in his garden and you feel disturbed by it?

Can you do something about it? Courts say: No! The neighbor can place as many dwarfs as he wants in his garden. Nor does he have to stick to any limits. Dwarfs can be placed directly next to the fence, provided they remain on their own property.

Obscene garden gnomes
In the past, however, dwarfs have appeared more and more, who violate common decency and make obscene gestures. You don't have to put up with this easily. If, for example, dwarfs are set up that lower their pants or show their stinky fingers, the neighbor can request that they be removed or at least disappear from his field of vision. It's best not to set up such dwarves at all, so nobody feels provoked.