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Fungus of the sour cherry - what to do?

Fungus of the sour cherry - what to do?

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If the branches of the sour cherry are very thin in the tips, it only helps to observe the tree and determine exactly when the young shoots of the tree become thin. If the shoots wither within a short period of time from flowering, it can be assumed that a fungal infection at the sour cherry is present.

Fungus of the sour cherry
The mushroom called Monilia laxa is up to mischief and prefers wet weather, only to penetrate the wood through the flowers. Due to the fact that the flower is affected by this tree fungus, the later fruits are also affected. Unfortunately, the fungus also hibernates in the diseased branches.

Treatment of the mushroom
The treatment should be carried out in such a way that an intensive cut is made before flowering, and the healthy wood has to be cut rigorously up to around 20 cm in order to completely eradicate the fungus, because otherwise a new infection of the wood threatens regularly.

The cut branches as well as the fruit affected by the fungus must be completely removed from the garden so that this fungus cannot spread again. With this pruning the waste bin must be preferred to the compost, because only healthy pruning belongs to this.


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