How do I correctly take soil samples in the garden?

How do I correctly take soil samples in the garden?

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LUFA is responsible for soil sample analysis

who Soil samples in the garden for an objective examination of the soil quality, a groundbreaking ceremony should be carried out at a depth of about 25 cm. An earth floe is then removed here, which should have the shape of a brick.

Take the soil sample from the edge of the spade
For a good result, between 15 and 20 samples are required per 100 square centimeters of soil. To do this, soil samples are taken around the edge of the spade with a clean knife or a spoon and filled into a clean bucket or other cleaned container. The soil samples must be mixed thoroughly.

If the garden is quite large, taking soil samples from different areas of the garden can be useful. Finally, about 250 to 500 g of the removed and mixed soil are removed and placed in a plastic bag, which is sealed and labeled.

Determination of soil quality
To determine the quality of the soil, information about the way the soil is used is also important, because a lawn requires different conditions than fruit or vegetables. The agricultural research institute, LUFA for short, is responsible for soil sample analysis and calculates around 20 euros for a standard recommendation in the field of fertilization.