Natural pest control with parasitic wasps

Natural pest control with parasitic wasps

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You can fight the whitefly with parasitic wasps

There are many plant pests in the garden, which can also bring a gardener to despair. However, there are not only chemical ways to combat these pests. A method for natural pest control are parasitic wasps.

Parasitic wasps against the whitefly
You can fight the whitefly with parasitic wasps. It is often found in gardens and greenhouses, but is also often seen on houseplants. As soon as you find the first traces of the pests in the garden, you can go to a garden store and buy the parasitic wasps.

As soon as the outside temperature is above 12 degrees, the animals lay their eggs and can remove the whitefly. It is best to look for pests every time you go into the garden, because if the white fly has spread properly, the parasitic wasp cannot do much.

The parasitic wasp to prevent tomatoes and cucumbers
However, the parasitic wasp can also be used as a preventive measure, since it works preventively against pests and parasites in tomato and cucumber plants.

The parasitic wasps are obtained in small packages. The animals are then used in the garden. 10 to 50 parasitic wasps can be included per square meter.