When the vinegar tree grows

When the vinegar tree grows

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Consistent trimming increases the problem

Against that the Vinegar tree is rampant, there is no patented solution. One thing is certain: consistent trimming only increases the problem. It is better, as with wild herbs, to look at the underground branches of the vinegar tree as well as possible and to remove them consistently.

wear gloves
Attention: gloves should be worn when tearing off the runners, because the milky sap of the vinegar tree has a negative effect on the skin of many people and the result can be allergic reactions.

Precast concrete as a root barrier
If new planting is required, varieties should be selected from the beginning that do not spread as much. In addition, precast concrete elements can be incorporated at a reasonable distance during initial planting, which prove to be a root barrier in the garden and prevent growth from escalating directly at the root. In this way, the problem can be eliminated from the very beginning and the vinegar tree can decorate the garden in a moderate form without taking on too large dimensions.