Smoke from grilling in the garden

Smoke from grilling in the garden

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Grilling in the garden - a leisure activity to which hardly anyone says no. That's what a garden is for. Where else can you make an open fire? And this is exactly where a problem can be found that keeps dishes busy: Smoke from grilling.

Regulations vary depending on the federal state
It is not possible to find a nationwide uniform regulation here because it does not exist. So you can't say how often you can grill in the garden. In North Rhine-Westphalia and Brandenburg, for example, it is forbidden to start the grill if the neighbor is bothered by smoke.

In other federal states, the case law is different and not at all clear. Some federal states allow barbecuing a maximum of five times a year in their own garden (Bavaria, for example). In all other countries you have to regulate it yourself. It's best to talk to the neighbors. If there is any trouble here, you can either let a process go by or do without grilling. You have to make the decision yourself.