Roundworms in the garden - Tagetes helps

Roundworms in the garden - Tagetes helps

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Tagetes helps with roundworms in the garden

The so-called Nematodes in the garden or also called nematodes, always occur when the planting in vegetable beds is overstimulated. If you notice that putrefaction occurs more often or the vegetables or the roots take care of it, this may be due to the threadworms that penetrate the roots and damage the plants.

Tagetes can help
The planting of the student flower (marigold) create. This plant attracts the worms with its roots and then, as soon as the roundworms attack the roots, releases a poison that kills the worms. This way, the floor becomes “clean” again.

You can sow the tagetes in addition to the vegetables or treat the soil to a one-year course. The student flower should remain in the ground for at least 100 days so that the full effect can begin.

Change the place where the vegetables are grown
In addition to the Tagetes, mixtures with marigold, corkard flower and coneflower are also suitable. If you want to be on the safe side, you can always change the place where the vegetables are grown.