Soil fatigue - what is it?

Soil fatigue - what is it?

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From the so-called soil exhaustion one speaks when one digs out a plant that has been there for many years and uses the same plant again exactly at this point. Even if it is a young plant that can be expected to grow quickly and bloom profusely, that can not happen.

Roundworms could be to blame
So far it has not been possible to clarify exactly what is responsible for this. One suspects, for example, that nematodes are responsible for this. These are roundworms that live in the ground and can damage roots, stems or even leaves. They are also called little roots.

Change the location of the plants
Maybe that will be the cause someday. So if your plants do not want as you imagine, then choose a new location for them. Alternatively, you can replace the soil to a depth of one meter. Not all plants behave this way. Are particularly vulnerable to it roses, Raspberries, apple trees and cherry trees.