Shallots versus onions

Shallots versus onions

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Shallots or onions, what's the difference? Are shallots healthy and milder? All answers about the shallot including planting instructions here.

Shallots (Allium ascalonicum), like the onions, belong to the amaryllis family (subfamily leek family) and are equally popular in the kitchen. However, one has to say that the shallot, especially in the case of more refined dishes, slowly outstrips the onion.

What is the difference between shallots and onions?

In the foreground the much smaller shallots

The biggest difference between shallots and onions is undoubtedly in size - shallots are much smaller! The onion plants also differ in color. While the skin of the vegetable onion is mostly ocher to light brown, the shallot has different shades, which can range from gray, yellow, reddish brown to the most famous violet.

Shallots are milder and more aromatic

You may be wondering why we recommend growing shallots when the bulbs are a lot bigger? The reasons are simple: the taste of shallots is a lot more aromatic than onions. Shallots have a mild taste that is sometimes sweet. In addition, shallots do not sprout so quickly when stored. Onions are often sprouting after just a few weeks, while shallots persist for months before a start can be seen.

When do I use shallots and when onions?

Shallots should not be seared because they will become bitter!

That is of course up to you, there is no formula for it. However, from experience we can say that you should use onions for dishes that can withstand strong spices, such as goulash. Shallots are better for salads, antipasti and to refine sauces.

How healthy are shallots - an overview of nutritional values

Shallots are like theirs big sisterswho have favourited Onions, Healthy Vegetables. Since, as already mentioned, shallots are milder than onions, they are more digestible for many people and are better tolerated in terms of digestion.

nutrientper 100 g
folic acid17 µg
vitamin C13 mg
sodium12 mg
potassium334 mg
calcium34 mg
magnesium4 mg
phosphorus60 mg
sulfur5100 µg
protein1500 mg

Planting shallots - instructions step by step

The smaller the onions the bigger the harvest!

Shallots can be grown either by sowing or with onions. The latter variant is much easier and also brings faster harvesting, so here is the exact instruction for planting shallots with onions.

site selection
The best location for shallots in the field is sunny and airy. The soil should be dug up some time before planting and enriched with compost. Shallots tolerate a humus-rich, loamy soil - but it should be loose.
  1. When you can plant shallots depends on where you live. Generally shallots in spring (March to late April) planted. If you live in a mild region, you can already do the onions in the autumn stuck in the earth.
  2. First draw several rows at a distance of 20 to 30 cm each.
  3. The shallot onions are then placed about 1 cm deep in the ground.
  4. The distance between the individual bulbs should be about 15 cm.
  5. Make sure that the onion tip is facing up and cover it lightly with soil.

Store shallots

After the harvest, which begins around the beginning of June (when the shallots were planted in autumn), you can keep the small onions in a dark, cool and dry place. Here you can store shallots for up to half a year without the onions sprouting.


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