Create a hedge arch - how it works!

Create a hedge arch - how it works!

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If you want to give your romantic garden that certain something, you should create a hedge arch. It takes a while, but it's very easy.

A hedge arch requires a lot of patience

Almost every garden has a hedge that surrounds the property. And not infrequently - especially on older plots - the hedge is so high that a hedge arch has formed over the entrance. And that looks really romantic, doesn't it? It's like a green gateway to your own garden oasis. If you want to create a hedge arch like this, you don't need much, except a good dose of patience. Because the hedge should have a size of at least 1.80 meters so that you can create an arch at all.

Which plants are suitable for hedge arches?

The hedge arch should of course grow tight so that it comes into its own and does not look so holey. Of course, tree-growing hedge plants with continuous guide shoots are best suited. Evergreen hedge plants are also good. Recommended hedge plants include:

  • hornbeam
  • lime
  • European beech
  • Feldahorn
  • Pussy willow
  • cherry laurel
  • leaved lime
  • yew
  • liguster
  • Buchs

The tree of life and false cypress are not recommended as plants for a hedge arch. You just need too much light. If you still want to use them, you have to expect that the hedge arch will bare down over time. However, a hedge does not always have to consist of real hedge plants. You can also use climbing plants. This in turn has the advantage that the hedge arch is finished much faster. These vine plants are recommended for hedge arches:

  • blackberries
  • ivy
  • Wine
  • clematis
  • Wisteria
  • laburnum
  • Heckenrosen

The climbing plants not only grow faster than normal hedge plants, they usually also ensure a beautiful bloom. They also lure butterflies, bees and bumblebees into the garden.

How to create a hedge arch from an existing hedge

❶ It is best to create a hedge arch from an existing hedge. To do this, you first have to remove some hedge plants where the hedge arch is to be created, so that a passage is created. It is best to do this in autumn, because then the roots of the neighboring plants can cope better.

❷ You must then remove the branches and twigs that protrude into the passage.

❸ Next, you need to bend a thin metal bar into shape for a round arch. If the passage is to be angular, you can also connect three bamboo sticks at right angles. The metal rod or the rods now serve simultaneously as a kind of template and as a climbing aid.

❹ Attach the template by attaching a cord to the stems of the adjacent hedge plants on both sides of the planned passage.

❺ Over the next few years, you will need to pull up a few strong shoots along the stencil on each side. Depending on the growth, it can take several years until the arch is completely tight and the branches meet in the middle of the passage. So patience is required. But once the sheet is done, you will see that it was worth waiting for. By the way, as soon as the branches meet in the middle, you can remove the template.

How to create a hedge arch from a newly created hedge

❶ If you want to completely re-create the hedge including the hedge arch, then you have to dig the soil on which the hedge will later stand, at least 40 cm deep and 60 cm wide, loosen and mix with humus.

❷ Then you can put the plants in the ground and fill up the earth around the roots. Then lightly step on it. Of course, you must not plant anything where the hedge arch is to be made. Then spread a layer of bark mulch around the plants and water them well.

❸ Next you have to do as in the previous instructions. This means:

  1. Build a template or trellis
  2. Attach the template / trellis to the adjacent hedge plants
  3. Pull up strong shoots along the template
  4. Cut the hedge regularly

As you can see, it is not particularly difficult to create a hedge arch. The most difficult thing is to wait until the sheet is finally finished. The wait will definitely be worth it.