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5 mistakes in gardening tips

5 mistakes in gardening tips

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Different wisdoms are circulating

For many years, some wisdom has been circulating in the garden tips that not all voices. Lies were often lied about when it came to combating pests or plant diseases.

Error 1 - the imperial crown as a vole fighter
For example, it has also been said that the imperial crown drives the voles out of the garden. According to the latest findings, however, the plants prove to be ineffective against the animals, just like the advertised ultrasound devices.

Fallacy 2 - coffee against snails
It is also not true that plants should be sprayed with coffee to protect them from snail damage. So far, scientists have not been able to determine that coffee has a defensive effect on snails.

Fallacy 3 - Houseleek protects against lightning
The old Teutons even believed that the houseleek should protect against lightning. This has also not been scientifically proven to date.

Fallacy 4 - Carrots and Onions as Pest Control
When planting in the vegetable garden, one often hears that carrots and onions keep the pests from each other. But this tip is also unsuccessful, although the mixed cultures are said to be very good.

Error 5 - copper against brown rot
Copper is also said to protect tomatoes from brown rot. The copper wires at the roots or the piercing of the plant with copper nails could not have any effect.

So you shouldn't rely on everything you hear about tips in the garden. Nevertheless, there are many important garden tips with which you can make some work easier.