4 medicinal plants in the home garden

4 medicinal plants in the home garden

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Milk thistle is good for the liver

There are many plants that have healing powers. We also find many of them in the home garden again, mostly we don’t even know that this is medicinal plants is. We would like to introduce four of them to you:

  1. Milk thistle: It is good for the liver, bile and digestion. You can brew a tea from the seeds in autumn. Caution: only approach with gloves!
  2. artichoke: This plant is also easy to get from the greengrocer. It belongs to the thistles and is intended to prevent metabolic disorders. Here the fruit is edible and very tasty.
  3. Bitter ribbon flower: If you have a sensitive gastric mucosa, you can brew a tea from the ribbon flower. Here you have to pay attention to the correct dosage, because an overdose can lead to severe diarrhea. It is best to speak to the pharmacist.
  4. angelica: Good for indigestion and abdominal discomfort. With this plant you can eat anything, you can add it to salad or brew a tea from it.