Carport in the garden?

Carport in the garden?

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When it comes to protecting a car or storing it safely, the carport has recently played an interesting role. As a cheap, yet extremely practical alternative to the garage, it is possible to build a carport.

As a rule, wood is used as building material, which can be set up very quickly. The wood is protected from the weather by an additional layer of lacquer, which can be renewed regularly. In the carport, too, various variants have become established on the market. While variants were initially to be seen, which, for example, only represent a single garage from the available space, it is already possible today to build a double garage and offer it at a lower price.

In addition, extensions and additional elements are offered that can be integrated into a carport. As far as the length is concerned, it is also possible to use larger versions, which then have additional storage space, for example, to store a bicycle there. Additional elements can be used on the sides, for example as a panel, so that it is not possible to see from everywhere what is in the carport itself. It is also possible to install additional panels to protect against wind and rain. The price, which is extremely attractive compared to a garage, ensures that many people think about choosing a carport instead of a garage. The residential area also plays a role here. So-called carports can now be seen very frequently, especially in safe residential areas, or in rural areas. Not only the price, but also the simple and quick set-up ensure that this option is often seen as a parking space for cars.