Tips against the leek miner fly and the leek moth

Tips against the leek miner fly and the leek moth

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Protect your leek from pests

Leek is a vegetable that should not be missing in the kitchen. You can use it in many ways and it tastes excellent. Even the independent cultivation of leek in the garden is not particularly difficult. It is easy to care for and not particularly demanding. But he has two weak points. And they are called: Lauchminierfliege and leek moth.

The larvae of the insects are harmful
Both are pests that can cause great damage to the leek. This damage is caused by the larvae of both insects. These are stored in the still young vegetables. After hatching, the larvae eat their way through the still young leek.

Dispose of damaged plants
You can often see that in the aisles that you find there when you cut the leek. Black deposits can also be found. This is the animal droppings. Such plants must be disposed of separately and not on the compost.

Open the net as protection
Only a network that can be set up early can provide a remedy. Make sure that the stitches are not too big, otherwise the parents can slip through and the larvae can lay down.