The cinnamon brings vanilla scent to the garden

The cinnamon brings vanilla scent to the garden

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The scent of vanilla doesn't just remind us of baking. It also makes us dream of exotic places. If you like, you can bring this fragrance into the garden with the cinnamon tree.

Cinnamon scents smell of vanilla

Everyone probably smells of vanilla. Men in particular should like this smell very much in women. Even so, the scent of vanilla is just wonderful. He wakes up e.g. Childhood memories. Just smell some vanilla and close your eyes. Don't you see yourself how you baked cookies as a child? Others, on the other hand, awaken the longing for sun, beach and sea.

If you like this fragrance and can't get enough of it, the cinnamon tree should not be missing in your garden. It is certainly a contradiction in terms: even if the plant is called cinnamon, it does not smell of cinnamon, nor is it a tree. But it smells wonderfully of vanilla. And it also looks very special.

Cinnamon or silver candle shrub (Clethra alnifolia)
Growth rate:10 - 30 cm a year
Height:210-280 cm
Spread:200-150 cm
Bloom:July to September
Location:Sun to shade
Ground:like moist, well-drained, slightly acidic soil
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What does the cinnamon tree look like?

The Zimterle is a tall bush that bears panicles up to 15 centimeters long from July to September. These can bloom white or pink. Visually, the fragrant bush looks like the Buddleja (butterfly tree). The bush itself can grow up to 3 meters high! Just imagine how it must smell. A dream, isn't it?

This is the perfect location for the Zimterle

If you want to get the cinnamon in the garden, think about a good place. It is ideal, for example, right next to the terrace, as this is where the aroma comes into its own. Never put several scented plants side by side. The Zimterle harmonises optically with other fragrant plants, but the smells can get in the way.

The Zimterle, incidentally also called Scheineller or Silberkerzenstrauch, prefers a partially shady location on a damp ground. And exactly this should have a pH between 4.5 and 7, i.e. be acidic. If the pH is wrong, you have to help with fertilizer. You can easily test the pH of the soil in your garden. Here is a video tutorial. Furthermore, the soil in your garden must be sandy-loamy if you want the cinnamon in it to thrive.

Cinnamon trees are very easy to care for

Cinnamon trees are one thing above all: easy to care for. So they are perfect plants for anyone who doesn't have a green thumb. You only need to consider this when caring for:

To water:

You only have to water the cinnamon when the summer is very hot and dry. Then watering is even very important because the plant does not tolerate drought.

Rear section:

You don't actually have to cut back the cinnamon. However, it is advisable to thin the plant slightly in March. Only if you want to rejuvenate the shrub should you cut it back radically.


The cinnamon is very hardy. If you planted them in the garden, you don't need to protect them from the cold. If you have planted the cinnamon in a bucket, it is advisable to wrap the bucket with some winter protection fleece. The cold can eventually reach the roots through the vessel and damage them.