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Cut shrubs with stable scaffold shoots

Cut shrubs with stable scaffold shoots

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The hazel bush needs special care

Cutting shrubs is not always as easy as it is with shrubs. Here you cannot just put the scissors on and start cutting.

Shrubs with a stable scaffold drive need different treatment. You can recognize such a shrub by the fact that it grows vigorously from the ground and forms compact shoots, on which flower shoots then grow every year. These shrubs mainly include the snowball, the mock quince, the hazelnut and the barberry. Here you should pay special attention to the cut.

Do not cut scaffold drives at all
What you should and should cut in any case are the young shoots after flowering. If the shrub becomes too large, you can also cut the older shoots, i.e. the framework, but not more than a fifth. It is best if you do not cut the scaffolding drives at all. If you also leave the young shoots on the shrub, you run the risk of the plant forming buds on the older shoots, which costs the shrub too much strength.