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Shower off houseplants

Shower off houseplants

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Shower your flowers regularly! If flowers are permanently in the room and are never allowed to go outside, and therefore do not get any rain, you should shower the plants every now and then. Not because they would miss the rain or because it is not enough for them to be watered. The reason is different: Like everything that is in rooms, dust also deposits on plants.

Clean plants properly
Plants that have very large leaves should therefore be wiped with a damp cloth every few months. Not just because it just doesn't look nice when plants are covered with a film of dust, but because the dust can hinder photosynthesis. On the other hand, if the plants have smaller leaves, dusting per leaf is not feasible. These plants are simply taken and put together with the pot in the shower. You have to adjust the jet gently and the water should be lukewarm. Too cold or too hot water would be very harmful. If you treat your plants to a shower every few months, you will always enjoy them.