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Garden design in September

Garden design in September

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When the summer is slowly coming to an end, you can still beautify the garden or balcony with flowering plants. For the Garden design in September we have put together some suggestions.

Set fine accents with grasses
The flowering of the grasses begins especially in late summer. This sometimes lasts well into autumn and can set fine accents in the garden. Some grasses also change color in autumn and then have reddish leaves. They are also suitable for a skilful autumn decoration.

Beautify the garden with heather plants
If you want to beautify the grasses with other colorful plants, you can take the heather plants with you. They also have their heyday now and are available in many different shapes and colors. The most famous is the Erika.

The shrub veronica blooms until autumn
The shrub veronica, which can show pink or violet flowers, is also suitable. The planting is usually quite quick and the flowering continues until late autumn. So you quickly brought a colorful autumn into the garden. The arrangement of the decoration is also suitable for buckets, so that the balcony or terrace can also be embellished.