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Preventing fruit tree cancer - how it's done

Preventing fruit tree cancer - how it's done

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Fruit tree cancer develops growths on the trunk and branches

Many fruit trees have growths on stems and branches that bulge outwards - this is fruit tree cancer. You can prevent fruit tree cancer and thus protect your trees.

Causes of fruit tree cancer
Maybe you have noticed such growths, maybe you have a tree in the garden. The pathogens causing fruit tree cancer can easily penetrate the wood through cuts, astrisse or petiole scars. The wood is damaged, the branches die. At the same time, the tree tries to protect itself from the pathogens by forming bulges and thus trying to close the damaged areas. In most cases, however, this does not work.

Treat fruit tree cancer
If you have discovered such growths, then you should remove the diseased tissue by cutting the branch back into the healthy wood. After cutting off the branch, you need to treat the wound with a tree wax wound closure. You should definitely remove the clippings from the garden so that the fruit crab can spread across the ground.

Prevent fruit tree cancer
This can be remedied by regularly checking the trees for injuries. In principle, you should fertilize all the trees in your garden sufficiently. Use slow-release fertilizers or organic complete fertilizers. Align your trees regularly.


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