Watering flowers on vacation - 4 tips

Watering flowers on vacation - 4 tips

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Maybe your neighbor will water the flowers when you are on vacation

Especially when it comes to watering flowers on vacation, many people worry about how best to care for their plants during this time.

Watering flowers on vacation
If a friend or neighbor can take care of the watering of flowers, then everything is fine, if not, you have to come up with something else. After all, the flowers shouldn't suffer from taking a break. So that your plants are well looked after during this time, you should following tips try out.

  1. Fully automatic irrigation systems are practical, but quite expensive. These are most worthwhile if you are not at home for several weeks a year.
  2. A water supply from a storage tank is sufficient for a few days. This is filled with water and hung on the flower pot. The connector is inserted into the ground. This way, the plant gets water permanently while it is in stock.
  3. Simply place two flower boxes on top of each other. Of course you have to fill the lower flowerpot with water. The upper one should be provided with fiberglass wicks that suck the water upwards by itself. This option is also suitable for up to one and a half weeks.
  4. However, you can also place the aforementioned water storage mats on the bottom of the flower pots. You can absorb six times your own weight in water. They gradually release this to the plants.

Nothing should go wrong with these measures.


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