Plants for the bathroom - 5 plants

Plants for the bathroom - 5 plants

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The lucky plant looks particularly beautiful

The bathroom is a room where there is often a high level of humidity. Which plants are therefore suitable for the bathroom?

Spice up the bathroom
If you want to spice up your bathroom with some plants, there are many different options here. We have once selected the 5 most beautiful and most suitable plants for you. Maybe you like one.

  1. Ferns: These plants originally come from the rainforest and therefore prefer high humidity. The bathroom is ideal. Here you do not have to expect the leaves to turn yellow. Nevertheless: don't forget to water regularly!
  2. Tropical Root: This plant impresses with its incredibly large leaves. If she is bright and kept moist, she is fine.
  3. Dwarf date palm: It looks very elegant and of course comes from the Far East. A maximum height of 1.5 meters is very manageable. She particularly likes brightness.
  4. Zypergras: Few plants like standing water in a planter - but they do. It comes from swamps and therefore feels very comfortable in the bathroom.
  5. Dragon tree: The so-called lucky bamboo, which can also be used as a decorative element, is particularly decorative for this plant. Simply put the stems in the water and soon the first roots and leaf heads will sprout.