Create a butterfly garden - that's how it's done

Create a butterfly garden - that's how it's done

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There are many animals in the garden

With certain flowers you can lure many butterflies into the garden. Find out which flowers you need to create a butterfly garden here.

Attract butterflies
There are many animals in a garden. Some are useful like bees and worms, others are annoying like snails and snakes, and still others are just beautiful. This also includes the butterflies. If you would like to lure these little animals into your own garden, then you should pay attention to the right flowers, from which butterflies are magically attracted.

Create a butterfly garden
Fall asters mainly attract the Little Fox. The butterfly with its orange and yellow colored wings likes to frolic there.

The lemon butterfly is already in the garden very early in the year and prefers lavender. The contrast of the purple plant with the yellow butterfly is wonderful to look at.

The peacock butterfly is not very picky and likes many fragrant plants. This butterfly particularly likes purple loosestrife and summer lilac.

The admiral is also a lilac fan. He travels mainly in autumn and impresses with his brown, orange, white and black color pattern.

If you mainly plant lilies in the garden, you can look forward to the swallowtail, which has a wonderful black and white pattern.

Just get yourself some of these plants. You will then be amazed at how many butterflies are in your garden.