Thin fruit - that's how it's done!

Thin fruit - that's how it's done!

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Thin out the fruits

In June, fruit trees like to drop fruit by themselves. If you want to prevent this, then you should thin out the fruits.

The tree can no longer supply the fruits
Have you ever noticed that many fruit trees shed their fruit? Don't worry, this is completely normal and must be so. The tree gets rid of these fruits by itself because it simply cannot supply them anymore. The fruit lying on the ground should be picked up and disposed of immediately because they can be a breeding ground for diseases. Since not every tree throws enough fruit, you should lend a hand and check the trees.

How to thin out the fruits:
All fruits that are closer than a hand's breadth apart must be broken out, as well as fruits that appear in pairs or in groups of three. Except for one fruit, you have to break out all the others. This will reduce the risk that rotting fruit that is no longer supplied can spread to the entire tree. In addition, the other fruits get more nutrients, become larger and more tasty. Do not think that it is a shame for the beautiful fruits if you do not break them out, because in the end you will harvest much less.