Real Solomon seal - jewel for the shadow

Real Solomon seal - jewel for the shadow

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Jewel for the shadow: the Solomon seal

Are you also often looking for nice-looking plants that you can put in the shade and that enrich the beds there? How about the Real Solomon Seal (Polygonatum odoratum)?

Jewel for the shade
Most plants like the sun, which is why the shadow areas in the gardens are often neglected. But if you explicitly go on a search, you will also find very neat plants that thrive well in the shade and look great. The Solomon Seal or also called white root is definitely one of them.

The Solomon seal blooms white
The Solomon seal is a plant up to 80 centimeters high that blooms white in spring and has very attractive leaves, often even with a white pattern. In autumn, the leaves turn yellow and blue-black fruits form. These fruits are toxic to humans.

Increase Solomon's seal
The Solomon Seal feels particularly comfortable under trees or higher bushes. It is very undemanding and only needs moderate moisture, which is usually given in the shade anyway. In addition, the soil should be rich in humus and calcareous. In spring you can dig out the rhizomes, divide them and multiply the plants. The Salomon seal is on the menu of snails and should be protected accordingly.