Sowing the lawn - that's how it's done

Sowing the lawn - that's how it's done

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Have you created a new garden or completely redesigned it and now you need to sow new lawn? No problem, because sowing new lawn is not a science.

You need to water the lawn regularly

A garden without a lawn is like a pool without water. Because it is the lawn that makes a garden what it is. But sometimes it's just that the lawn just doesn't look nice over time. Or he suffered a lot when he redesigned the garden. There are also bald spots that have to be constantly filled up. Then it will be time to create the lawn at the latest.

When should you sow lawn?

The best time to re-sow lawns is in April, May and September. Under no circumstances should you sow the lawn too late, as excessive heat can affect its growth. Therefore, do not sow lawn seeds in summer. It is best to follow the instructions below.

How to sow lawn properly

❶ Prepare the floor:

First of all, you need to prepare the soil for sowing. That means: pick up a spade and dig deep into the ground. You can remove all root residues and stones straight away.

❷ Rake earth smooth:

Now you have to rake the earth smooth with a rake. After that, you should let the floor rest for about a week. If soil sags somewhere during this time, you can repair the bumps immediately. This will give you a flat lawn later.

❸ Level the ground:

Now you need running boards to level the surface. Then run over the entire area. If this is a fairly large area, then a garden roller is more recommended, since of course the work is much faster. You can borrow a roller like this from a garden store.

❹ sowing lawn:

Now you have to wait for a windless day. Then you can pick up the lawn seeds and sprinkle about 20 grams per square meter. Particularly easy and, above all, even, the sowing can be done by hand with a spreader or this universal spreader.

❺ Water the lawn regularly:

Regular watering is imperative. However, you should never let the soil dry out during the growth phase. If there is no rain and you have to water yourself, you should never work with a hard jet, as this can damage the young blades of grass. Anyone who does this will have a new, beautiful lawn rug in a few weeks. Reading tip: water the lawn properly - how it works !.