Enlarging the garden visually - 3 tips

Enlarging the garden visually - 3 tips

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Create curved paths

Of course, you can't just enlarge your garden, that's for sure. You can enlarge it optically. Here are our 3 tips.

Make the garden appear larger
Many gardeners and garden owners find their green realm far too small. If you can't change the actual size, you can at least try the optics. And there are a few things that can make the garden appear a lot bigger. We have put together three tips for you to help you visually enlarge your garden.

Enlarging the garden visually - 3 tips

  1. Insert mirrors. That may sound strange, but if you have mirror surfaces, preferably with a metal frame, these are beautiful accessories and at the same time they make the garden appear larger or deeper.
  2. Long and narrow gardens appear wider if you create a curved path that you can not see completely, that is, repeatedly covered with bushes.
  3. You can make gardens wider and less deep by creating them in separate areas and dividing the width with hedges, for example. Even staggered beds look like the garden is actually deeper than it actually is.