Gardena spiral hose box - practical water spigot in the garden

Gardena spiral hose box - practical water spigot in the garden

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Watering in the garden is very easy with a spiral hose box. Read here how easy it is to integrate such a spiral hose box in the garden.

A spiral hose box is something great

Water flowers comfortably
Rolling up the garden hose after watering is extremely annoying for every hobby gardener. Especially since it bends and twists too easily, and can never be rolled evenly around a hose bracket. Resourceful entrepreneurs have now tackled this problem and invented the spiral hose box.

Integrated underground
The spiral hose box is integrated somewhere in the garden - location selection depending on convenience and expedient - directly in the ground, so that only a flat lid remains visible on the top. This means the hose box is also ideally equipped to drive over it even with a lawn mower.

First, however, suitable water pipes from a water pipe to the spiral hose box must be laid underground and connected on both sides, so that the water supply then works smoothly. The water pipe must always remain open during use - in the winter months it is closed due to the increased risk of frost.

Here's how it works
For watering, the spherical lid of the spiral hose box is simply pushed aside and a 10-meter garden hose can be pulled out - open the nozzle, water flows, including the integrated water stop function. This function can also be used to connect numerous accessories, e.g. a shower.

When the pouring is complete, the hose is simply sunk underground again in the spiral hose box and the ball cover is closed. The garden looks tidy and the hose reel has finally come to an end! Further information on the spiral hose box can be found here.