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Christmas decoration in the garden - 3 tips

Christmas decoration in the garden - 3 tips

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At Christmas time, many decorate not only their house, but also the garden. Here are 3 tips on what Christmas decoration looks particularly beautiful in the garden.

Decorate your garden too

Every year at Christmas time, numerous gardens, terraces and balconies illuminate in many places with atmospheric drapery lights. For many, various decorative items embellish the entrance area, the windows, etc., to warmly welcome the heavenly advent season. Here are our tips on how you can bring this Christmas flair into the garden.

Tip 1 - fairy lights and light figures

"Outdoor fairy lights / hoses
Outdoor fairy lights can be attached not only to trees, but also to balcony railings and fence railings, to windows and to bed borders. It is always important that you always protect the associated electrical connectors from the weather.

The light tubes available in bright colors today, which can even be attached to the roof gable, have a very atmospheric effect.

"Decorative light figures
In addition, especially at Christmas time, decorative illuminated figures with different motifs are offered, such as a Santa for the window or a free-standing reindeer as lighting.

Tip 2 - Christmas tree

"Christmas tree in a pot
Who ever wanted to plant a noble Nordmann fir in the garden should use Christmas as an opportunity! In specialist shops you can buy a Christmas tree in a pot, which you can easily plant in the garden after the Christmas days (next spring).

When buying, you should pay particular attention to the associated root ball of the pot tree, because this earth ball should be as compact as possible and not loose.

Of course, you also have to take into account that the pot tree must be watered regularly indoors (at mostly elevated room temperatures) - however avoid waterlogging in the Christmas tree stand! The situation is different, however, if you set up the potted tree outdoors. Because there the tree rarely needs a little water - e.g. if you put it under a permanent roof.

"Fir tree / deciduous tree in the garden
Even a fir tree that has been planted for a long time can serve as an annual Christmas tree. You can decorate it with weatherproof light garlands, for example. A corresponding packing note shows such special fairy lights for outdoors.

Every deciduous tree is also suitable for being converted into an atmospheric Christmas tree mainly with LED fairy lights.

You should always connect fairy lights in an extra external socket (also applies to extension cables). The use of a timer enables time-differentiated lighting.

Tip 3 - make decorative items yourself

You can also easily make your own Christmas decorations:

"Mobile / wall decorations / window decorations
Apples, straw tufts and hay tufts, cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, drilled walnuts and the like are also very suitable. From this, e.g. produce pretty mobile and wall decorations / window decorations. Thread the individual products on fishing lines, for example. You can decorate the individual garlands with pearls and / or bows in the gaps.

Lantern items also ensure Christmas garden design with natural candlelight. The candlelight in the entrance area or on window sills is very atmospheric.

"Spray cones with decorative snow
For example, collect large pine cones and pine cones, let them dry and spray the tips with decorative snow. You can drape these cones effectively in the most varied arrangements.

"Pack the box as gifts
You can also pack old boxes in different sizes with colored foils as gifts.