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Plant pampas grass - this is how it's done

Plant pampas grass - this is how it's done

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If you plant pampas grass, then you really have an eye-catcher in the garden. Read here what you need to consider when planting and caring.

Pampas grass is easy to care for

The ornamental grass, which grows up to 3 meters high, is very popular in our gardens because it is not only easy to care for, but can also offer optimal privacy in the garden. In the summer months, beautiful white-beige, vanilla-yellow or even rose-colored flower panicles are formed, which offer a particularly decorative sight in flower vases.

" Watch out:

With pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) you have to be careful not to injure yourself on the sharp-edged leaves. Small children should therefore not play in the immediate vicinity of this plant.

American pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana)
Growth:upright, clumping
Height:90 - 250 cm
Spread:100-120 cm
Blossom:silvery white
Ground:fresh, well-drained, nutritious
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Plant pampas grass - this is how it's done

Buy or share the plant

Pampas grass is available in many gardening stores as a herb. Of course, you can also carefully divide pampas grass on an existing planting stick with a spade and re-plant it in another place.

Site selection

Pampas grass generally prefers dryness, which is why you can plant it in a sunny to partially shaded location. Accordingly, the soil in which you plan to plant it may be sandy and stony. If the soil is too humid, you should even mix in sand and / or cactus soil before planting.

In addition, when choosing a location, you should choose a place that is as sheltered from the wind as possible, so that neither the stalks nor the flowers of the pampas grass bend in stronger storms.

Pampas grass spreads quickly

" Important:

When planting, you should make sure that the pampas grass spreads quickly and therefore needs enough space. Thus, it can also overgrow the plants in the immediate vicinity or severely limit their habitat.

Maintain pampas grass

The pampas grass needs adequate irrigation during its annual growth phase, insofar as there are climatic dry periods. However, you must absolutely avoid the formation of waterlogging.

On top of that, you should also fertilize the pampas grass during this time. You can then repeat this several times in intervals of 2 to 3 weeks (fertilize up to 4 times).

Cutting pampas grass - instruction with video

You should never prune the pampas grass in autumn, even if the leaves dry up at this point. It is best to cut pampas grass in early spring in order to get the plant through the winter so well and to prevent frost damage from water entering the straws.

The best time for the ideal pruning can be recognized by the fact that the first fresh shoots are noticeable. Of course, you must not cut back these young shoots. On the other hand, you can shorten all old stalks to a length of approx. 20 to 30 centimeters.

" Important:

For cutting back the pampas grass, you should definitely wear cut-resistant gloves!

Winter pampas grass

In very frosty areas, the ornamental grass needs some protection in winter. As a rule, it is entirely sufficient to fill the root area with a thick layer of leaves. In addition, you should carefully tie the stalks and panicles of flowers together with a soft ribbon to form a crest.