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Porcelain flower: 7 tips for care

Porcelain flower: 7 tips for care

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If you want to get a real eye-catcher in the house, then you should buy a porcelain flower. Here are 7 tips for caring for the flower.

A flower umbel consists of 30 small flowers

The porcelain flower - often referred to as a wax flower - is perfect for keeping in the warm conservatory. Regardless of whether they are cared for as climbing plants or as perennials, depending on the variety. And as its name suggests, the porcelain flower has extremely delicate flower balls, whose small, closely spaced flowers always fascinate every viewer.

Numerous types of porcelain flowers are known to the botanist today, the flower colors of which vary greatly between white, pink and red tones - mostly combined. A single umbel can consist of up to 30 individual flowers on average. And that looks really beautiful!

So that you can enjoy this view for a long time, we would like to give you 7 tips on how to best care for this delicate plant.

Porcelain flower: 7 tips for care

Tip 1 - support the porcelain flower:

Climbing types urgently need a trellis or climbing aid, because they can develop shoots several meters long. And the perennials often need small supports so that their lush flower umbels can also be shown to their full advantage.

Tip 2 - location:

Porcelain flowers like a location that is as light-flooded as possible, but only minimally sunny, as a winter garden can usually offer optimally. And it thrives perfectly at conventional room temperatures of around 21 to 25 degrees. You can even keep the porcelain flower cooler during your rest periods.

" Important:

Once a porcelain flower begins to bud, you shouldn't change its location - you shouldn't even twist the pot. Otherwise the flowering will be extremely negatively affected.

Tip 3 - Repotting / pulling cuttings:

Every year in spring you can repot the wax flower into a particularly nutritious potting soil if necessary. Then you can remove a few cuttings from the mother stock at the same time and thus multiply the plant.

Tip 4 - pouring:

During its growth and flowering (late spring into summer) the porcelain flower always needs sufficient watering. In their winter resting phase, however, you only have to water them minimally.

Tip 5 - fertilize:

Furthermore, this evergreen plant also needs a potassium-containing, nitrogen-poor liquid fertilizer during its annual growth phase from April to around August, which you can give it every two to three weeks. However, she can spend the rest of the year without adding fertilizers.

Tip 6 - cut back:

As soon as the first flowers wither, you can carefully pluck them off by hand. If the entire umbel has faded, you should cut it off - however, the stem itself should remain on the stick. This is because every year new flower umbels form on this stem, with the flowers becoming more and more lush over the years.

Tip 7 - Pest Control:

Of course, it can also happen that the porcelain flower is attacked by pests. First of all, spider mites or red spiders are to be mentioned, which are relatively easy again by a warm shower rinsed can be. (Link tip: Pest control in the winter garden - 5 tips)

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